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How to ride a self balancing scooter?

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How to ride a self balancing scooter?

So ultimately you've bought the self balancing scooter ( also well known as hoverboards although it don't really hovers ). You should try to learn how to ride the self balancing scooter on the road so you may not get involved in the road accidents. There are many cases you can checked online how self balancing scooter riders were involved with the highway accidents terribly and therefore they are hurt seriously and a number of them even died, because they are not experienced enough in riding the self balance scooter.Usually, self balancing scooter sellers will provide you a user manual or teach you directly on how to ride the self balance scooter, following their instructions and take a lot of exercise, you will be an expert soon.


\Hwever, some bad quality balance scooters even be sold without user manual or wrong user manual, or sometime you lose the user manual by careless. Also living in such a fast moving society, user don't want to read user manual or follow sentence from books any more. So we would like to advise how to ride the self balancing scooter in a short words below:

1.Preparation:before you turn on the self balancing scooter, better put on a helmet and a knee pad,having a experienced rider around you, they can help you to have the right driving posture and make sure you won't badly hurt. If the self balancing scooter was given to kids, make sure parents was near them before practice.

2.Keep balance. Turn on the power button, the led indicator light will shining, step either your left feet or right feet onto the scooter pad, then you will hear a beep sound,step another feet onto the scooter pad,the self balancing scooter may vibrate,keep calm,it is normal. As you can't keep balance at the first time. For beginner, better to move your both feet towards the self balancing scooter fender as close as possible, this will help you to keep balance more easier. You can easily keep balance after 1 or 2 minutes.

3. Move Around. Move your body gravity slightly front to move forward and stand upright so that the self balancing scooter will stop. Move body gravity backwards so the scooter will running backwards.Practice forwards and backwards for 1-2 minutes and then you can learn how to turn left or right. Move your body gravity left or right so that the scooter will turn left or right ( move body gravity by twist your waist, that's why people call it hoverboard, because your are hovering your waist ).

4. Practice. After you are familiar with moving around, you can try to driving the self balancing scooter faster, after 20-30 minutes practice, you are not a freshman anymore and you can enjoy happy moment with your scooter.

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